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1.Different Types Of Handbag Leather

Leather handbags are always stylish and they come in amazing designs, sizes, color, and shapes. There are bags for every occasion and there are also various fashion houses that produce them by millions.

Before you venture out to purchase a leather handbag, read below to know technically the different varieties of leather that exist.

  1. Exotic: These are made from Ostrich, Python, crocodile, lizard and many other not so common animals. They are exotic in look, make and fashion. There are literally hundreds of gucci handbags to die for in the market.
  2. Top-Grain: This is also called as Corrected-Grain due to the fact that it is smooth on one side and fuzzy on the other. This is nothing but a good finished product on one side hiding any imperfections. On the smooth side, the imperfections are grained off to provide a glossy finish.
  3. Full-Grain: Unlike the Top-Grain, this type of leather is smooth by itself and has no imperfections. That is what makes it costlier and more trendy. It is extremely robust and can last for long years.
  4. Suede: This type of leather is more like velvet and has a soft but fuzzy look. It is popular among teenagers as it can be used to make backpacks, shoulder bags, and handbags.

Thus, when you pick a handbag or purse get to know the type of leather it is made up and when the sales man quotes a price or when you look at the price tag yourself, you can make out if it is worth the money you are spending.

Besides the leather what adds to the cost of a handbag or purse is the design with which it is made and what kind of brand you are trying to buy. Well-known brands usually have better quality products but are costly at the same time worth the money.