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The Advanced Guide To New Car Technology

Exciting times are ahead as new car technologies promise to usher in an era of transport that is less stressful and less prone to accidents and loss of lives. Latest Safety Assistance Technologies, entertainment features, and easy to operate systems promise to transform not only the way we travel but also the environment at large with lesser fuel emissions and consumption. Here are a few technologies suited for those drivers that tire easily.

Take the example of Autonomous Emergency Braking systems which in cohesion with the human driver will ensure safety while driving. The technology works on sensors which will detect any oncoming vehicles and even animals and will alert the driver. In the eventuality, the driver fails to take action the vehicle will automatically brake and avoid a collision.

Adaptive Headlights and high beam assist are so designed that they make driving at night safer as they offer better visibility. Unlike standard headlights these lights are linked with the steering wheel, as a result, they follow the steering and thereby improve visibility at night. High beam assists are more useful for vehicles in opposite directions; the vehicle on its own will dim the light when it senses a vehicle in the opposite direction at night. These two technologies are especially useful during long drives when the chances of human error are high. The only drawback here is that these high-quality car parts are expensive to repair.

Another interesting technology that ensures that you remain safe while driving is the blind spot detection. In this system, sensors detect any vehicle in the blind spot and flash warning lights in your mirror.

And finally, a technology that will actually sense if you are drowsy and will warn you if you change lanes unintentionally either by beeping or inducing vibrations in the steering wheel to alert you and take charge of the situation.

Thus, though new technologies are meant to make driving safer they must not make a driver lazy and less attentive. Technology might fail as it is pre-programmed but with an alert mind at work disasters can be avoided.