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Advances in Drug Testing Technologies

There was a time when escaping the drug test was quite a simple task. But now drug testing technologies have advanced a great deal. So even the slightest traces of drugs can be easily found. One other important factor about drug testing technologies of the current times is that it is not just the urine and blood sample that is used. There are plenty of ways in which the presence of drugs can be identified.

What is drug testing?

Drug testing as the name indicates is the type of testing done in a laboratory to find any traces of drug or alcohol in the blood. This is used by the forensic department, by the police department or even in the field of sports. In sports, for example, there are certain drugs that are banned for consumption before the major games and events. To ensure that the players have not taken any banned drugs, drug testing is sometimes done.

What are the advances in drug testing and how are these being accepted?

With the improved accuracy of drug testing, it is now becoming more and more difficult to cheat a drug test. And even in the cases where obtaining a blood or urine sample is difficult, even the easy to obtain samples like saliva or sweat can be used. Forensics also make use of samples of hair follicles to identify the presence of drugs. The tests can also reveal the concentration of drug left out in the bloodstream. This would further indicate the amount of drug consumed besides indicating the exact drug as well. Though most drug tests are fool-proof, there are some detox drinks that can flush out the drugs from the body. If you need a detox drink go here. There are many types of detox drinks used in such cases for a quick cleansing of the body.