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DSLR Photography For Amateurs

For all those who are passionate about clicking photographs and keen learners to do some great photography in today’s world the first thing you need is a good DSLR camera. Just owning a good camera is also not good enough you need to prepare yourself to get going. Here are a few tips as to how to become a good photographer-

  • Get Started

The secret to achieving success in any goal is to first get started and move ahead steadily. The first time you hold a camera in your hands is almost like handling a small baby. You need to handle it with utmost care and slowly get to know its various features like its knobs, buttons, and switches and so on.

  • Click pictures

Once you get the hang of how to operate your camera, the next thing you need to do is just start clicking pictures. Begin shooting on auto mode first. This will help you gain some practice few essential aspects like timing and composition.

  • Learn about your camera specifications

Now slowly and gradually you need to learn about finer aspects like shutter speeds and apertures before you actually capture an image. After each click that you have taken, analyze it and see how it could be improved.

  • Focus on the fundamental features

Understand and find out the best way to adjust the ISO of your camera. Check about finer aspects like auto bracketing, time lapse features and double exposure in your camera. Test the potential of your camera lens and find out the best spot from which you get the picture quality.

  • Take more pictures

As you get the hang of your camera and understand its features better you need to keep clicking more and more pictures. Along with theoretical and technical knowledge, practice is what is going to make you perfect.

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