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Jobs that never go out of fashion


Whilst many of our jobs can now be carried out cheaper in developing countries, or are even being done by robots now instead, there are some jobs which will always be desirable. With the rise of the tech industry, jobs requiring advanced computer skills will be in growing demand over the coming years.

Knowledge of programming is always going to be a desirable skill, as programs and software becoming more and more advanced. Now is a great time to learn – you’ll be pretty much guaranteed a job at the end of it. We’re going to be using technology to do more and more for us in the future – there is an endless amount of knowledge to be discovered in this field.

Health and beauty is another industry which is booming at the moment. Whilst trends come and go, it’s almost certain that there will always be a huge interest in these areas, so it’s a great field to get into if you can be flexible and adaptable. Similarly, becoming a beautician or hairdresser is also a great idea, as these services will always be in demand.

Despite technological advances, there will always be a great need for workers in the medical profession. Whether it be doctors, surgeons or home careers, people are always going to get sick so these careers make a great choice for long-term stability. Similarly, kids will always need to be educated through play and hence becoming a teacher is also a great idea. This is one area that is very unlikely to be taken over by robots and tech.

Finally, in spite of the increasing use of technology to help, there is always going to be a need for the emergency services. Whether it’s a call handler or a police officer, the more people inhabiting the planet, the greater the risk of crime or accidents – this is one area which will never go out of fashion