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Guide to Creating a Password to Rule Them All

Creating a password, a new one every time, becomes a real challenge for me. I tend to use the same with minor changes because it is not at all an easy task for me to remember these different names. I have researched on ways to create complex and unique passwords and I here are the basic protocols to follow the next time you are out there burning your head for a password.

  • Keep the length of the password minimum of 8 and maximum of 10. The longer your password, it gets difficult to crack.
  • Never use names, places or English words in your password
  • Mixing is the game. Use lower and upper case, numbers, punctuations or any special character.

There are online password checker tools readily available on the Internet where you can ensure the password created by you is unique and secure.

You can also have a password manager installed to create unique passwords and to remember your multiple passwords.

Another option to have complex passwords for your social media and online money transactions. Other websites can have a simple password such that your more confidential data is protected.

Never opt for the browser to remember your password without enabling the master password option. Especially in a Firefox browser if you have not set the master password, someone who uses the browser can see the list of stored passwords.

Never type your passwords on a different computer. Don’t do any online transactions, open social media sites, check emails on a someone else’s computer or at a public browsing Centre. Sometimes hackers use keylogging to log all keystrokes on the computer. This log can be decoded to get your passwords.

When I have forgotten passwords, and are not using some website, I delete my information with this to be safe online.