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How Technology Has Changed Sports

Technological innovations help us all live better lives. Sometimes, technology has given us amazing entertainment in the form of better TVs, music systems, movie halls, and video games; sometimes technology has greatly improved the quality of our lives – medical technologies and procedures especially.

How do specific sports benefit from technology? Let’s have a look

  • Tennis – gone are the days of Mc Enroe and his passionate arguments with referees over their line calls. These days it is possible to take a closer look at whether the ball has fallen inside or outside the court with the help of technology. This is possible thanks to the Hawk Eye system. This system helps a referee to view the trajectory of the ball and the exact point at which it hit the line. Players can review these line calls as well and can benefit from it, especially during tough matches.
  • Football – calling an offside while standing on the edge of the field doesn’t exactly make it an accurate call, nor does calling a bad pass. However, cameras and other improvements have ensured that referees can corroborate their calls with the help of the supporting visuals
  • Basketball – the NBA constantly engages with technology to ensure that there is fair play all around. Decisions can be reviewed, and players’ time with the ball can be monitored as well
  • Cricket – thanks to cricket coverage being so extensive, many technologies used by TV networks are now being incorporated on the field and have ensured that nothing is left to chance!
  • Aussie Rules Football – umpire reviewing has been introduced, with all the accompanying bells and whistles. Sometimes, an umpire who isn’t on the field is needed to monitor whether the ball has crossed the goal or not.
  • Baseball – Once again, umpiring decisions in Baseball can be challenged by a review system that was put in place in 2014.

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