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Vlogging- Upside And Downside

Vlogging is a social media which is gaining popularity. While there are many positive sides for vlogging there is also negative side of it. Let us discuss both the upside and downside of


  • First of all, It Is easy to create a vlog
  • Generally, people like to watch videos instead of reading the blogs. For example, it is natural for one to find it easy to watch a live demo of a machine installation rather than reading a step by step process.
  • It is not necessary for Vloggers to have great skill in writing. Though they need not have great skill, it is a must for the vloggers to write a short description or few lines about what is the vlog is about.
  • Good equipment can portray the video beautifully. The camera must be chosen such that it has all the features to capture the video beautifully. For example, The Cameras flip screen makes vlogging easy and the camera’s ability to work in low light is important
  • When the vlog is taken in an interesting and engaging way, then the vlog is sure to become popular. In other words, it is not easy to make the vlog popular unless it is really entertaining.


  • Though it is said it is easy to create a vlog account and share the video, the vloggers must invest time to have technical knowledge about capturing the videos perfectly.
  • Capturing the videos alone cannot make the vlog impressive. Vloggers must also have knowledge about editing the videos using software to edit the captured videos perfectly. So, one must invest their time in learning the software properly.
  • Equipment are a little bit costly. Of course, it is worth in investing in it.
  • Editing the video after publishing it in vlog is difficult. One has to recapture the video and publish it again to share the video again.

Though there are downsides in vlogging, people use it wisely to share their posts.